Żywiec - the whole day trip

Old castle from XV century
Castle was build in Gothic in XV century. The owners were Komorniccy Family who change it on defency fort. In XVII century the castle was own by dynasty Waza. Others changes at looking was brought XVIII century. After, till Second World War the castle's owner was Habsburg Family. In January 2005 year the castle became a museum.

New Castle from XVIII century
The building of castle to order archduke Albrecht. The design's author was Karol Pietschka. Many times it was modernized and enlarged. Archduke Karol Stefan collected many pictures from polish (lika Wojciech Kossak) and european painters and silver cutlery which high is 500 kilograms. In 90th XX century to castle came back the princess Maria Krystyna Altenburg, she and her family has lived here till Second World War.

Castle park
It is good to go for a walk to castle park and see the Chinese House from XVIII century. In the end of XIX and in the begining of XX century the castle was reconstruck on english pattern by Kit Beckh, according to Brendy Colvin, wooden bridge were changed on stone bridge and was build iron well.

Market square
For attention on a market square is worthy city hall and tower.

Church of Saint Cross Gothic church from XV century
was enlarge in following centuries. Inside there are several altars and outside there are wooden and baroque statues crucified Jesus and villains.

Church of Birth the Blessed Virgin Mary Church
was build in XV century, one century later it was reconstruct and rebuilt after fire in 1711 year. It's worhty to see wooden statues Mother of God and Jesus from Gothic and wooden altar.

Museum of brewery Żywiec
Museum is on the road to Zwardoń, 20 minutes on foot from bus station in Żywiec, in cellar of brewery. There was open in september 2006 year. The tickets cost 13 pln (include seightseeing with guide, a souvenier- tankard, beer or juice tasting) and 16 9pln ( include seightseeing with guide, a production part too, a souvenier- tankard, beer or juice tasting). It is possible to find out about ingredients of beer, see the production machine and the street and pub from XIX century.

Lake of Żywiec
The surface of lake is 1000 ha. It's establishment in 1966 year caused a water logging nearby villages. At 38 meters high dam there is hydroelectric power station. For people who like airsports it's worthy to visit nearby mountain Żar form where can look at aviation's show or oneself to try fly on the hang glider or fly by glider.