One day in Rzeszów

One day in Rzeszow

Town hall
was build in XVI century based on old wall. The design's author was Nicolas Spytka Ligęza. Two centuries later reconstrucked his work in classic style. The following changes in structure were made in pseudogothic style in XIX century for The Town Council.
During last renovation of town hall, finished in 1996 year, it has been restored to condition from XIX century.

The Lumomirski's Castle
For a probable time of starting construction of this castle seems to be the XVI century. One century later the castle was expanded (according to a design of Tylman from Gameren, under Peter Belotti and his son-John the Baptist Belotti direction) and was surrounded by a stone fortifications which are saved for nowadays.
In 1735 year after fire has reconstructed the castle and added chapel for example. At the beginning of XIX century was the seat of court and later it was sold Austrian. At the beginning of XX century Kazimierz Rogoziński renovated very crumbling castle. Regardless of technical condition it had to start building based on the new foundations, according to design from XVIII century. Till 1981 year when the castle has been given to The Ministry of Justice, there was a jail. From 1996 year in the castle is a Museum of Low and take place exhibitions and concerts.

Monastic complex of Bernardine order with church of Assumption's the Blessed Virgin Mary
was build in the first half of XVII century based on foundations wooden church from XV century. The Assumption's church has late renaissance and baroque, its decor mostly come from XVIII century. At the turn of XIX and XX century the building was renovated by Zbigniew Hendel and later was reformed in the 1970s. It's worthy to see monuments of Ligęza Family, chapel The Virgin Mary of Rzeszów, rococo altars Saint Francis and blessed John from Dukla.
From 1929 year the whole monastic complex is in the Bernardine order's care.

Regional Museum Exist
from 1935 year but the present building which was build in second half of XVII century, the museum got in 1954 year.
Exhibits which can be admire in museum are for example: archaeological exhibition from primaeval histories, painting of West Europe from XVI-XIX century, porcelain from XVII-XX century, furniture from XVIII-XIX century, polish painting from XVII-XX century.

Francis Kotula's Ethnographic Museum
At the time museum's exist (it was establish in first half of XX century) its collect 10 thousands exhibits. Very worthy are drawings of Josef Ryś from Łąka and there characterized inhabitants, their style of life, a collection of post-war toys, sculptures and ceramic dishes, smith's and agricultural tools from at the trun of XIX and XX century, musical instriments, accessories connected with Christmas and Easter, Francis Kotula's archive and his notes and recording of folklore.
Constant exhibition constitute sculpture and national costumes people from Rzeszów and Lasowie.

Building of Provincial Public Library
Object came into existence for the Council of the poviat needs. The seat of library is here from the beginning of existence that is 1955 year. Nowadays library has many branches and libraries points in town.